Guarantees and guarantee claims

All mixers and accessories from FM Mattsson are designed and manufactured in accordance with current EU standards. The products are thoroughly tested in our factory before being delivered to customers. Please read and follow the operating and maintenance instructions that come with the product carefully. Proper installation, maintenance and use guarantee long-term durability of the product.

Guarantee claim 

If any of our FM Mattsson products are discovered at fault, a guarantee claim can be made with the company where the product was purchased. A claim will require a receipt or an invoice to prove the date of purchase.


The guarantee is valid only if the mixer is installed and used correctly. The connecting pipes and other parts must be installed in a professional manner in conformity with the regulations valid for the trade. The guarantee does not cover frost damages, or damages and functional faults arising as a result from water impurities. Neither does it cover damages caused by incorrect cleaning (by scrubbing or use of abrasive or corrosive cleaning products), or damages arising from normal wear, incorrect installation, inappropriate use, or failure to follow the installation or maintenance instructions.

The guarantee does not cover third party costs or costs that are not directly related to the claimed product. Any such costs should be covered by insurance policies of the installation firm or the user.

Guarantee period

FM Mattsson products are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase, or if the purchase date is unknown, for 2 years after the first use of the product (the date of the final inspection of the installed product must be identified).

In addition, FM Mattsson guarantees the following functions for 5 years after the first use of the mixer, but under the condition that new spare parts will be supplied free of charge, while installation costs are covered by the user.

5-year limescale guarantee

Hard water does not impair the function of our mixers. FM Mattsson will guarantee this, and undertake to rectify any faults if the performance of the mixer control unit is impaired as a result of limescale deposits. The guarantee applies to all FM Mattsson safety mixers.

5-year temperature guarantee

FM Mattsson will guarantee that the temperature will remain within +-1oC while the water is running, even if the temperature and pressure in the pipes vary. If a mixer does not meet with this requirement the fault will be rectified. Access to a hot water supply is of course a condition for this guarantee to be valid.

5-year pressure guarantee

The unique soft closing function prevents pressure shocks and impact in the pipes. FM Mattsson will guarantee this, and undertake to repair the fault if the closure time of the mixture is less than 0.2 seconds. This guarantee applies to all FM Mattsson single lever mixers with the soft closing function.

5-year drip guarantee

FM Mattsson guarantees that the control unit of their safety mixers and single lever mixers will not cause leakage for the first 5 years of use. This guarantee does not cover aerators or other parts that require regular maintenance. Neither does is cover faults caused by dirt or incorrect installation (see the installation and maintenance instructions accompanying the product).

Availability of spare parts for 10 years after a product is discontinued

FM Mattsson products are distinguished by high quality and are designed to be used for many years. In order to maintain the correct function of a product, FM Mattsson will supply spare parts for at least 10 years after discontinuance from the product range. For accessories and shower systems a supply of replacement products, or equivalent material, is guaranteed in order to maintain the functionality of the product.  Coated products, which are not chrome plated, are guaranteed spare parts for 2 years after that the products is discontinued from the FM Mattsson product range.

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